Stem Cell Cosmetics / 【Ultimate Skincare Solution】

A human body is made up of 60 trillion cells and it has over 200 different types of cells which perform different particular functions.
A stem cell is a type of cell that can produce other cells.

What is your skin stem cell?

It is known that there are two types of skin stem cells "Dermal Stem Cell" and "Epidermal Stem Cell".
"Dermal Stem Cell" ⇒Generate fibroblast cells that are responsible for production of skin tissue to make dermal layers renew
"Epidermal Stem Cell" ⇒ Control a cycle of skin regeneration to make epidermal layers renew     

What is the cause of skin aging?

Aging decreases a capacity of dermal and epidermal stem cells to regenerate. The reduction in the number of stem cells leads to weakening the capacity that produces new skin tissue and aging of skin, wrinkles, dark spots, sagging skin, inelasticity and dryness.
Stem cell cosmetics is new generation skincare that revitalizes skin's natural functions.。

What is a stem cell cosmetic?

It encourages skin to regenerate by use of stem cell culture fluid. The stem cell is considered for use as advanced regenerative medicine and latest beauty care.

  • Conventional Cosmetics→Supplement ingredients that are decreased by aging
  • Stem Cell Cosmetics→Renew skin's natural functions

What are the expected effects of stem cell cosmetics?

  • 1 Promote regeneration of skin (generation of epidermal stem cells)
  • The stem cell cosmetics plays a role mainly in promoting skin turnover, constantly generating new stem cells with cell division and differentiation.
  • 2Generate fibroblast cells to increase collagen and elastin (revitalization of dermal stem cells)
  • The ingredients help skin stay resilient, including collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, consist of fibroblast cells in dermal layer.
    By revitalizing old dermal stem cells which growth factor is reduced as aged, fibroblast cells are generated actively and ingredients such as collagen and elastin are also generated increasingly.
  • 3Make your skin less sensitive
  • "Transforming growth factor" inhibits skin irritation and deals with skin issues including sensitivity and allergy damage.
  • 4Build new blood vessels to prevent skin dullness
  • 「"Vascular endothelial cell growth factor" allows new blood vessels to form easily.The increased blood vessels lead to increasing blood flow as well.It improves circulation of blood to the face, fully delivering necessary oxygen and nutrition, and it is expected that dull skin is removed.
  • 5Make skin fair
  • Promoting regeneration of skin helps to improve skin metabolism, egest dead skin and melanin, and possibly to prevent dark spots for making skin white.

What is the type of stem cell cosmetics?

There are three types of stem cells which are used to produce cosmetics.

Human derived stem cells (human fibroblast, human adipocyte, human neural stem cell etc.)

Plant derived stem cells (apple extract, seaweed extract, willow bark extract etc.)

Animal derived stem cells (roots of infant sheep's hair, horse placenta etc.)